We are looking for good hard working employees to join our team and who will take their jobs seriously.  Our hours vary depending on the season and often come with required weekend hours, especially during Spring. A major requirement is that you own your own vehicle as transportation to work. We do have a dress code, work boots, work shirts and pants with a belt are required at all times. Our goal is to supply high quality landscape services and to always keep our customer happy. We do have winter work that keeps us busy year round.


If you feel that any of the available listed positions would work for you, please call our

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Job Title: Landscape Maintenance Foreman


Job Description: To monitor daily maintenance activities on multiple commercial properties by inspecting properties thoroughly for maintenance completion.  Ensure that customer concerns and requests are acknowledged and addressed.  Understand individual commercial contracts as they pertain to a property.  Ensure that contracts are followed as written and agreed to.  Work with and along side crew members to ensure the job is being completed correctly.


Job Requirements: A qualified individual must have 3 years of experience as either a landscape foremen or supervisor. A qualified individual must have experience and knowledge of all aspects of the landscape industry.  Have the ability to clearly communicate with customers, property managers and association board members.  Must have a clean driving record, transportation to work and a DOT medical card or must obtain one.  Must follow company rules and daily work orders.  Must respect company and customers.






Job Title: Landscape Laborers


Job Description: Must own a vehicle to get to work.  Willing to work with others respectfully.  Must have a strong work ethic.  Must especially be willing to learn and take constructive criticism.




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